You Don’t Need Permission

You might believe that you need someone to choose you.

Someone to grant you the “OK” to do what you want to do. An authority to deputize you in pursuit of your goals. You do not.

You need to get started.

Dr. Phil isn’t a Dr.

The 2nd highest-rated talk show since 2011. And he doesn’t have the training or license to do what he does on TV. But go ahead and indulge your imposter syndrome.

A lack of qualifications didn’t stop Dr. Phil, and it shouldn’t stop you.

Act as if.

You don’t need Oprah to build an audience. You can start a podcast, a Youtube channel, or reach a million people RIGHT NOW. Using only your phone. It’s just a matter of doing it.

You can start right where you are and use what you have.

Tip #1: Write. Clear writing is clear thinking. There is no barrier to sharing your experience and expertise.

Tip #2: Report. Whatever your station, you have access other folks don’t. Use that access to share your insight with folks without it.

Tip #3: Make connections. Things that are obvious to you may not be for others. Sharing what seems to be common knowledge for you will be helpful for others.

Looking for permission is a waste of time and unnecessary.

Just get started.

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Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver


Sean Oliver is a Product Marketing Manager in Seattle, WA